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Book Description

"Here Comes the Sun: Moments with God in the Seasons of Cancer" is a collection of thirty-one stories about my intimate moments with God during my cancer diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. In this intensely personal and candid account, I share how the darkest season of my life turned into an illuminating journey of spiritual healing and transformation. Layers of scripture are interwoven with these stories alongside hope-filled exercises that will nurture the reader's relationship with Jesus. "Here Comes the Sun" will brighten the path of cancer fighters and longtime survivors who want to experience the presence of God in every season of cancer and life.

Why I Wrote the Book

Early in my recovery from cancer, I met a young woman named Megan who had just been diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer after the birth of her second child.  She asked me if cancer had brought me closer to God. My response was a resounding, YES! She told me she wanted that too but was afraid she would miss it. Our poignant conversation has stayed with me over the years and is the inspiration behind this book. "Here Comes the Sun" is for all the cancer fighters and survivors like Megan who want more of God but are too overwhelmed to sense His presence.

Themes in the Book

Upon receiving a cancer diagnosis, our immediate concern is physical healing. But true healing penetrates the heart and happens in those deep places where only God can see. This book focuses on the spiritual and mental-emotional healing we need to get free from the power of cancer over our lives. A secondary theme is about hearing God's voice. The voice of the Lord is a gentle whisper in our spirits; an inner voice that comes in many different avenues. As I wrote my story, I realized that the Lord had spoken to me in over thirty different ways! And no doubt there are so many more. We have a creative God who knows how to speak straight into our spirit in whatever way we can understand. This book will help you awaken your senses to hear God's voice and see His face all around you.

Here Comes the Sun

by Joellen Putnam

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