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What Now?

Overcoming cancer is a process. There are tears, fears, prayers, and lots of questions. Jesus is the only one who truly knows your heart and exactly what you need. Others can help and be there to support you, but Jesus is the safest place you'll ever know. My hope is that your visit to this space will provide resources for you to grow deeper in your relationship with Jesus where freedom from the power of cancer begins.

with Jesus

Encountering the healing presence of God starts with a relationship with Jesus. Do you have one? Is He someone you know about or someone you know personally? In "Here Comes the Sun", I share my story about how my relationship with Jesus began. If you haven't read it yet, or if you have more questions about what it means to know Jesus, click the star below. Or, if you'd rather watch a video, there's one of those below, too. Whatever your background is, I encourage you to consider Jesus and the truth about who He is. Eternity is too serious to ignore. God bless you as you continue on in your journey of faith!

The Bible

The best way to learn the story of Jesus, understand the character of God, and hear what He wants to say to you is to read the Bible. Maybe you've tried, maybe it's just too overwhelming, especially now. But you can do it -- bit by bit -- with the help of the Holy Spirit. It's important to read the whole Bible and not just verses here and there, but beginning with small bites that you can really digest is a great way to begin. Always pray before you start and ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you. If you have a Bible, I suggest you start by reading the New Testament. I recommend the English Standard Version (ESV) or New International Version (NIV). If you don't have one, there are loads of Bibles available wherever you buy your books. Or ask a friend, stop by a church, or search the web for free Bibles. You can also access the Bible on the internet via,, and There are free Bible apps such as YouVersion and an audio version, The Bible is a challenging but incredibly rewarding book, unlike any other. It takes time, patience, multiple readings, and study to truly absorb it all, but I am confident the Lord will speak to you and He has alot to say!


Stay encouraged and receive help from the Lord by praying regularly with other people. Reach out to someone today or call the number below for prayer. If you'd like to pray with other cancer fighters and longtime survivors, click the link for information about the Activate the Cure prayer ministry led by Joellen Putnam.

24/7 prayer and chat line:

Christian Broadcasting Network



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Being connected to a local church or other faith-based community will provide spiritual comfort and support as you navigate the difficult journey of cancer. In addition to a local church, here are some other opportunities for you to engage with people who understand your circumstances and are ready to help:

National Listing of Support Groups


Encouragement & Resources from Lynn Eib (Christian Author, Cancer Survivor)

Books for Cancer Fighters & Caregivers

American Cancer Society (not faith-based)

24/7 Helpline


Spiritual Healing

There are many Christian ministries located throughout the U.S. that focus on spiritual healing. I will be listing these ministries by state and hope to update it continuously. Please contact me if you know about one in your area.

State Listings (Coming Soon)

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"Here Comes the Sun"

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